Mind your head - Image of the TuffCap in use
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Cert no 1710


Sharon Lee has been producing innovative headwear since 1947.

Complying to the EN812 standard, TuffCap is our latest innovation.

Combining the comfort and style of a baseball cap with the added protection of an ABS protective shell, TuffCap is the cap that employees will want to wear.

Available from stock in a range of attractive colours, including Hi-Viz, and made from Heavy Duty Cotton Twill, TuffCap can be personalised with high quality embroidered or printed logos.

For added comfort, meshed ventilation eyes provide airflow and a high level of cooling and adjustable velcro strap means each cap fits securely and comfortably for long periods of wear.

The peak length is also reduced for enhanced upward visibility.

Our expertise and bespoke design service can even create truly unique designs just for you.

Important Note: TuffCap can be used in environments where there is a risk of minor bumps and scrapes to the head. It is NOT to be used as an industrial safety helmet as specified in standard EN397.